De Gálvez’ direction was admirably blended with the soloist and in the attention to the detail, we see the fine musicianship of this young but experienced violinist who aims high as conductor.

Diario ABC, Madrid, José Luis García del Busto.


First, the naturalness in handling the baton, without fanfare or useless eclecticisms, but when necessary with energic indications alternating nerve and composure to give the work a very correct interpretation that allowed Francisco de Gálvez to offer to the orchestra soloists occasion of personal brilliance in a piece of Rossini, hailed as the whole concert. Francisco de Gálvez is a young Spanish conductor that opens a straight and safe way in the profession.

El Correo de Andalucía, Sevilla, Francisco Melguizo.


Francisco de Gálvez was able to draw from the orchestra, from the very initial crescendo, and thanks to the qualities pointed out the sober earnestness that the score has. So from the very start of the concert was set a full legitimacy of awards, honors and triumphs that the curriculum of the young director records… Sober, gorgeous and right in the gesture, expressive communicative line, music server, without vacuous seductions. Artist.

Diario de Cádiz, Juan Antonio Castañeda.


The baton of Francisco Gálvez is always safe and conveys confidence, eloquent in gesture, sometimes soft, some energetic, to get what he wants, from the beethovenians staves to Tschaikovsky’s explosions of sound.

Diario Sur, Málaga, Manuel del Campo.


It has excellent qualities the young Malaganien. He is rigorous, meticulous for rhythm, searching for a good sound, suitable ensemble, and required timbre . Studies in depth scores to assemble and then works intensively with seriousness and rigor with young musicians who has at his command.

Diario Ideal, Granada, José Antonio Lacárcel.