Curriculum Vitae

FRANCISCO DE GALVEZ,   Orchestral Conductor


 CITIZENSHIP                                  Spanish. Born in Málaga, Spain. January 8th, 1964

LANGUAGES                                    Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

MARITAL STATUS                      Married, two sons (5 years and 8 months old).


                                               Conservatories and Universities 

2007-2012                 PhD Music and Communication. Universidad de Málaga.

                                         Thesis title: “Automated compositions on computer generated Music”  

1988-1993                  McGill University Faculty of Music, Montreal, Canada.

                                        Master’s Degree (Double Major) in Orchestral Conducting  and

                                       Orchestral training (Violin Option)

1986-88                      Royal College of Music, London, England. Performing Diplome (Postgraduate) 

1984-86                      Madrid Royal Conservatory Superior of Music, Spain. 

                                       Graduate Studies, Violin and Chamber Music. Título Superior 

Up to 1984                 Málaga Conservatory of Music, Spain. Título Profesional (bachelor’s equivalent)


                                               Main Conducting teachers/courses 

                                   Timothy Vernon, Canada. McGill University, Montréal.

                                   Ferdinand Leitner, Accademia Chigiana, Siena , Italia

                                   Bruno Weill, Yuiji Yuasa, Wiener Hochchule für Musik, Viena, Austria

                                   Nicola Hansalik Samale, Craiova, Rumania e Italia

                                   Carlo María Giulini, Milan, Italia.


                                               Main Violin teachers 

                                   Francisco de Gálvez, father, Málaga Conservatoire

                                   Victor Martín, Madrid Royal Conservatoire

                                   Jaroslav Vanecek, Royal College London,

                                   José Luis García, London and Colorado Springs

                                   Mauricio Fuks, McGill University, Montreal


                                                Chamber Music Coaches 

                                   Brunilda Gianneo, Víctor Martín, Madrid

                                   Chilingirian cuartet, Rodney Friend, London RCM

                                   José Luis García and Kim Scholes, Colorado Springs

                                   Mauricio Fuks, Denise Lupien, Marcel Saint-Cyr, Tom Williams, Montreal



                                               Current Position 

2013                               Director of Orchestral Studies – Weber State University, Utah. USA 

                                               Past Positions 

2004-2013                  Professor. Music Director and conductor University of Málaga Chamber Orchestra

1998- 2011                 Music Director and conductor Malaga Symphony Orchestra 

1994-2000                 Music Director and conductor.Contemporary Music Festival of Andalousie.

1991-94                      Conductor. Montreal Chamber Players.

1986-87                      Professor, violin. Orquesta Nacional de España

1985-86                      Professor, violin. Conservatorios de Segovia y Ávila

1995-96                      Courses with Malaga University (violin playing and conducting)

1997                            Courses with Santa Fe University, Argentina (violin playing and conducting)

2008-09                    Courses with Malaga University (Music Education professor)


                                               Conducting experience/ orchestras


                                   Montreal Chamber Players

                                  Vienna Summer Festival Orchestra

                                   Filarmonica di Russe (Siena, Italy)

                                   McGill Symphony Orchestra,

                                   Contemporary Music Ensemble,

                                   McGill Sinfonietta,

                                   Montreal Chamber Players,

                                   Sofia Symphony

                                   Craiova Opera Orchestra,

                                   Fort Worth Symphony,

                                   Tokyo City Philharmonic,

                                   Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra,

                                   Malaga Philharmonic

                                   Osaka Philharmonic,

                                   Kyusyu Symphony (Fukuoka),

                                   Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra,

                                   Hungarian TV Symphony Orchestra,

                                   Danish Radio TV Orchestra,

                                   Madrid Symphony,

                                   Contemporary Music Festival of Andalucía.

                                   Parma (Arturo Toscanini) Orchestra

                                   Trento Symphony Orchestra,

                                   Vienna Kammerorchester

                                   Douai (France) chamber orchestra,

                                   Seville Symphony,

                                   Royal Academy S.O.(London).

                                   Zagreb Philharmonic,

                                   Saint Petersbourg Philharmonic,

                                   Postdam Philharmonic,

                                   Granada Symphony Orchestra

                                   Cordoba Symphony Orchestra

                                   Joven Orquesta Nacional de España,

                                   Berlin Neue Kammerorchester,

                                   Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid

                                   Music Director of Malaga Symphony Orchestra.

                                   Northern Czhek Philharmonia, Teplice.

                                   Cadiz Symphony Orchestra.

                                   Contemporary Music Festival, regular season in Malaga.

                                   Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra (Argentina)

                                   Flanders Opera (sylvester konzert),

                                   Cordoba Symphony tour,

                                   Malaga Symphony, regular season in Malaga.

                                   Orquesta Nacional de España,

                                   Istambul Symphony Orchestra (Istambul and Ankara)

                                   Bellevue Philharmonic, Seattle.

                                   Malaga Symphony, regular season in Malaga.

                                   Orquesta de la Sociedad de conciertos de Barcelona,

                                   Malaga Symphony, regular season in Malaga.

                                   Malaga Symphony, regular season in Malaga.

                                   Madrid sinfonietta, opera (M. Butterfly) in Seville.

1998-present       Regular seasons with Malaga Symphony and University of Málaga Chamber Orchestra.        

                                   Guest conductor with orchestras.

 OTHER                                               Awards

 1994                           First Prize in Tokyo International Conducting Competition. Japan.

                                      First Prize in Craiova Competition, Romania. 


                                  Fundación Banco Exterior Scholarship. Madrid.

                                   Royal College of Music. London.

                                   Consejeria de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucia. Spain.

                                   Ayuntamiento de Málaga Award for Studies Abroad.

                                   Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores. Spain.

                                   Government of Canada Award for Graduate Studies.

                                   Ressler Scholarship (McGill).

                                   Accademia Chigiana; borsa di studio for EEC citizens

                                                CD Recordings

 Carlo Domeniconi’s                                                         El trino del diablo

Montreal Chamber Players                                          works by Turina , Prokofiev, Castillo

Contemporary Music Festival selection                Bartok’s Suite de dances – Malaga Philharmonic

Hommage to A. Piazzolla                                            Barcelona Sociedad de conciertos Orchestra

E. Ocón’s Miserere                                                         Malaga Symphony Orchestra

Composition Prizes Eduardo Ocón                         premieres of Roldan, Ortiz with Malaga Symphony

Clara Sinfónica                                                                Orquesta Sinfónica de Gijón

Boys of the Choir sing The Beatles                          Hungarian RTV Symphony Orchestra


numerous recordings for TV and Radio.


                                               Repertoire list (pieces performed with orchestra)

 if requested

                                               Extracurricular activities 

Composition: Incidental Music for Theater (2004). El cerco de Leningrado, de José Sanchís Sinisterra.

Sinfonic arrangements for diferent pieces (2005).

Banda Sonora de Drakula, de W. Killar (arr. Francisco de Gálvez)

Banda Sonora de Bewitched, de G. Keller (arr. Francisco de Gálvez)

Banda Sonora de The Simpsons, de D. Elfmann (arr. Francisco de Gálvez)

Banda Sonora de 20th Century Fox Fanfarre, de A. Newman (arr. Francisco de Gálvez)


Jury  and Committee member in various events: Andalusian Youth Concerto Competition, Malaga Youth Competition, I and II Eduardo Ocon composition Competition, etc.

Coordination and artistic direction of Contemporary Andalousian Music Festivals.


 Juan Antonio Vigar

Former Manager of Delegaciones de Cultura y Educación de la Provincia de Málaga


Maribel Calero                       

Vicerrectora de Cultura de la



Mauricio Sánchez

Former President of Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga


Mauricio Fuks            

Professor of Music (Violin),

IU School of Music

Bloomington, Indiana


Barbara George – Chief Executive 


Office Address 91 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000. Australia


                                                                       Past Professional references

             Timothy Vernon                                                                                              Haral Goertz               

            Conductor, Professor                                                                                     Conductor, Professor,

            McGill University                                                                                             Hochschule für Musik

            555 Sherbrooke Street W.                                                                            Lothringersrasse, 18

            Montreal H3A 1E3,CANADA.                                                                     A-1030 Vienna. AUSTRIA

            ph: 1-514- 398 4535                                                                                      Tel 43-1-58806-0


            Henry Fogel                                                                                                        Hiroyuki Iwaki                        

            American Symphony Orchestra League                                                 Permanent Conductor,

            New York Headquarters                                                                               NHK Symphony Orchestra

            33 West 60th Street, 5th Floor                                                                   2-16-49 Takanawa, Minato-ku

            New York, NY 10023-7905                                                                         Tokyo 108. JAPAN.